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Track Your Visitors

Javascript Tracking :

Track your visitors with a simple Javascript Tag

Advanced Tracking :

When Javascript is not an option, you can use image tags and Canalytics's own internal tracking API

Tracking Goals :

Learn how to measure and improve your business objectives with goal tracking

Tracking Campaigns :

Tracking your Paid ads (Adwords, Yahoo!, Facebook…), Display ads, Marketing Affiliates or Email newsletters is easy – and very useful – with Canalytics

Custom Variables :

Learn how to set a custom segment to your visitors using the powerful Custom Variables feature

Tracking Ecommerce:

Learn how to setup tracking for your Ecommerce shop, and learn all about your Orders, Products Purchased and Abandoned Carts

Access your Statistics

Canalytics's Interface Tour :

See how Canalytics restitutes and organizes your statistics

Real Time stats & Visitor log:

Canalytics provides powerful tools to access Visitor Level view of your traffic, as well as the Real Time Live! widget

Ecommerce Analytics reports:

Once you have setup Ecommerce tracking, Canalytics will provide reports tailored to the Ecommerce shop manager

Email Reports :

Receive full reports directly in your mail box

Analytics API :

Need to programmatically access your statistics ? Canalytics provides a full-fledged Analytics API

Canalytics Administration

Manage Users :

Add/Remove users and configure their access rights

Manage Websites:

Create & update Websites name, and learn about URLs, timezones, and currency support

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