We operate a specialist R&D centre and our portfolio of innovative services reaches into the heart of many businesses. Our unique combination of local presence and offshore development resources enables us to deliver cost effective R&D outsourcing with the comfort of local presence. Many businesses see us as an important part of their in-house R&D team and rely on us every day. We constantly invest in technology and training and ensure that we remain competitive and value driven.

We offer our clients innovative solutions and as a R&D service provider we understand that every client has their specific needs.

Blending creativity and engineering skills certified at the company level as well as at the individual level, we are able to offer high quality R&D services.

Understanding the needs

Our R&D activity starts with understanding of the client's need and of the technology to be used. Our experience and skills in working with different development environments and technologies are important assets for successfully accomplishing this first step.

Finding the best solution

Our research team aims to find the viable solutions and after analyzing all the options, the most feasible solution is recommended, taking into account the client's business goals.

Development and testing

Following identification of the most suitable solution our team begins the development process. This process is simultaneous with further testing and research activities.


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